10 thoughts on “iPad

  1. This is about the best thing that happened to the legal profession in NIGERIA. Keep up the good work and surely our profession will surely improve.

  2. With due respect to our presigeous Nigerian Bar, we appreciate the pace at which HoneyFountain is expanding the horizon of legal practice. With you as our partner in progress, I strongly believe that Nigerian lawyers will not lag behind in the world of latest technology. In as much as you and your products are relevant, I say emphatically that you are admissible. We are expecting more from your end. Thank you.

  3. This is indeed a remarkable achievement for honeyFountain and a gigantic breakthrough in the development of e-legal practice in this country.At least we are now coming of age as far as technology and law are concerned.

  4. I’m a law student of delta state university oleh campus.. 100level student.. i luv this site… tanx 2 whoever that has comtributed 2 the development and improvement of this site.. u ve help and contributed so much in d life of law students in nigeria..

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