HoneyFountain Consult Limited, an electronic publishing company, is currently partnering with the Nigerian Bar Association to empower the legal profession with its legal software – EASYLAW LEGALPEDIA. This software contains the following:

  • Supreme Court Cases from 1960 to date (about 4,000 cases)
  • Court of Appeal Cases from 2003 to 2011
  • Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (2004) and Updates
  • Legal Articles and Reviews
  • NBA Publications
  • Law Dictionary with Nigerian cases
  • Legal Maxims
  • Rules of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Federal High Court, National Industrial Court, High Courts of the FCT and 26 States of the Federation and Fundamental Human Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules.

This software is designed to upgrade ‘Law and Technology’ in Nigeria to global benchmark in addition to aiding the judiciary, legal practitioners and law students gain instant access to legal resources from one offline software source.  Apart from such large scale technological empowerment in the profession, the software will also do the following:

  • Provide a ready tool for accelerated judicial services,
  • Fast-track Legal Research,
  • Educate the populace on rights and duties,
  • Enhance good governance,
  • Promote the ‘ Rule of Law’ in Nigeria by minimizing ignorance of the law, and contribute to the administration of Justice in all arms of government.

Notable legal practitioners have paid glowing tribute to Easylaw Legalpedia as follows:

“This software initiative of the NBA is both timely and praiseworthy. The legal profession all over the world has gone digital. Any legal practitioner who is not IT compliant should be living behind the times.  Easylaw Legalpedia to all intents and purposes should be a realization of what we yearn in law practice in Nigeria- a user-friendly software publication that should take our practice to the next level.”

Emeka Ngige, SAN
“I have no doubt that Legalpedia will go a long way to put the Bar on the technology track that it so badly needs to re-brand itself. We have to be part of the digital age if we want to compete globally, and a project like this will launch the legal community into this era. I urge all lawyers and judicial officers to subscribe to it.”

George Etomi, Chair,

NBA Section on Business Law

“We can transform this noble profession if we do what other countries have done – adopt technology. That is the simple message we are trying to send to all our colleagues, especially the younger ones who are the future of this profession in Nigeria.

As senior members of the profession, we are not only concerned, but most times embarrassed at how justice is often delayed in our courts, how excruciating and tedious legal research has become, and how legal education in our universities is grossly behind the times, as we linger with paper-based approaches while the world has gone digital.”


SAN, Former President,  NBA
“The Electronic age citizen has no patience for the snail speed-tools, methods and processes of the print age. Our society is increasingly getting accustomed to high-speed service. The administration of justice cannot be an exception and must embrace the technology that enabled institutions like banks to successfully rise up to the challenge of rendering the fast and accurate service that the Electronic Age disposition impels. Easylaw … is therefore an essential tool in the advocacy and adjudication.”

Chief Justice of Bornu State